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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We are experienced in a vast array of litigation works such as corporate and commercial, debt recovery, employment, family and probate. Our qualified and experienced litigation team guides you every step of the way to provide you the comfort and confidence you need while dealing with the stressful litigation process.

We are also well verse in providing advices to help clients achieve settlement and we make every effort to assist clients in preserving long standing business or family relationships.

In many cases it can be a more cost-effective approach

to your dispute and is particularly advantageous where confidentiality or preserving business relations are key considerations.

Most cases often go through alternative dispute resolutions to attempt achieving a settlement at early stages of the matter to prevent court action which is costly.

This is beneficial to both parties and prevents the unnecessary legal costs as they can continue for years before a conclusion is achieved.

At Sieh & Ng,

we offer extensive legal services covering a wide range of litigation.

Our Litigation Services

Liquidation & Corporate Restructuring

Our team offers expert guidance through the liquidation and corporate restructuring processes, working to optimize financial recovery, protect stakeholders' interests, and ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

Corporate & Commercial Disputes

Commercial and corporate disputes come in many different forms. It can be disputes that happen internally within the companies such as shareholders’ dispute, breach of director’s duties, conflict of interest or externally with the counterparties that you transact with commercially. We are highly experienced in dealing with commercial and corporate disputes where we provide sound and practical solutions to your problems. We also dealt with many fraud related commercial disputes and fraud committed by employees within the companies.

Contractual Dispute

We expertly manage disputes arising from contractual obligations, assessing the validity, interpretation, and performance of contracts to advocate for your interests and secure the best possible outcome.

Construction & Arbitration

Our skilled legal team provides comprehensive support in construction disputes, which often involve complex technical and legal issues. We represent clients in arbitration proceedings, a preferred method of dispute resolution in the construction industry, aiming for a timely and cost-effective resolution while safeguarding your interests and upholding the integrity of the original contract.

Insolvency & Corporate Restructuring

We assist our clients, whether individuals or corporations, in initiating and defending bankruptcy (for individual) and winding up (for companies) proceedings. On top of winding up proceedings, we are also experienced in matters relating to corporate restructuring such as scheme of arrangement or judicial management where these are some of the proceedings that help to revive your companies that are in financial distress without having to wind up the companies.


Defamation is always a controversial topic as it is about striking the balance between freedom of speech and the protection of reputation. Lay people are often confused as to whether the statements made with the intention to damage a person’s reputation are sufficient to amount to an actionable defamation under the law and the defences available to protect a person who makes such statements. Therefore, we are here to advise you on the feasibility of a possible defamation claim that you may pursue or the defences that may be available to you if you happened to be the maker.

Debt Recovery

In this economic climate, it is difficult to avoid situations where your customers, whether individuals or companies, are unable to pay for the goods and services that you have already provided to them. We are prepared to conduct the necessary searches to examine and discuss with you in respect of the debtor’s ability to repay the debt and the feasibility to proceed with litigation process to recover the debt.


We provide comprehensive legal support in employment-related disputes, including wrongful termination, discrimination, and wage and hour issues, advocating for fair treatment and just compensation for our clients.

Will, Probate & Administration

We assist clients in ensuring that their testamentary wishes are properly documented and structured in accordance with their intention through our meticulous will writing services, while assuring that the Will is enforceable in law. We also collaborate with foreign law firms in order to help our clients who own assets overseas to make foreign Will which are legally enforceable in that particular foreign country.

Apart from Will writing, we frequently assist our clients with the process of obtaining grant of probate and letter of administration, whether at the High Court or land office for small estate matters. Our firm also possesses the requisite expertise to provide opinion on validity of a Will made in Malaysia in the form of affidavit to be filed in a foreign country for the purposes of assisting our clients in procuring grant of probate overseas.

Family & Matrimonial Dispute

We provide compassionate and effective legal support in family and matrimonial disputes, advocating for your interests in matters such as divorce, child custody, and property division.

Team of Experts

Our team at Sieh & Ng Advocates and Solicitors is known to be meticulous in our preparation as well as our zealous advocacy.

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